Runahild is a nature lover whose love for nature gives birth to her artistic expression through music and photography. She lives of the land on an organic mountain farm in Western Norway, following the rythm of the northern seasons.

The heathen spirituality and folklore has been a great part of her life since her teenagerhood as something there made her feel wholeheartedly home. It is a main source of inspiration behind her project Eliwagar which she has been composing for since december 2006 and remains a strong influence with her newly created side project Rúnahild.

Runahild's sounds and lyrics are an attempt to compose a landscape that has been drawn before her eyes and soul...




Rúnahild - Seidgaldr

14 euros (postpaid included)

Eliwagar "I Vølven's Vev"


Digipack - 15 euros including postpaid


Eliwagar "Heidr"

price: 16 euros including postpaid.